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  • Devil in Deerskins

    My Life with Grey Owl

    Anahareo (Author), Sophie McCall (Editor)

    A critical edition of the 1972 bestselling autobiography, Devil in Deerskins: My Life with Grey Owl.

    Published April 2014 | First Voices, First Texts, Autobiography, History, Indigenous Studies

  • Elder Brother and the Law of the People

    Contemporary Kinship and Cowessess First Nation

    Robert Alexander Innes (Author)

    An entirely new way of viewing Aboriginal cultural identity on the northern plains.

    Published November 2013 | Critical Studies in Native History, Indigenous Studies

  • Finding a Way to the Heart

    Feminist Writings on Aboriginal and Women’s History in Canada

    Robin Jarvis Brownlie (Editor), Valerie J. Korinek (Editor)

    Provocative reflections on a generation of feminist scholarship.

    Published April 2012 | Indigenous Studies, Women’s Studies

  • First Nations Gaming in Canada

    Yale D. Belanger (Editor)

    While games of chance have been part of the Aboriginal cultural landscape since before European contact, large-scale commercial gaming facilities within First Nations communities are a relatively new phenomenon in Canada. First Nations Gaming in Canada is the first multidisciplinary study of the role of gaming in indigenous communities north of the 49th parallel.

    Published February 2011 | Indigenous Studies

  • Indigenous Screen Cultures in Canada

    Sigurjón Baldur Hafsteinsson (Editor), Marian Bredin (Editor)

    Who has the power to narrate and the power to suppress indigenous narratives? Are indigenous media representations themselves appropriate? What is the role of indigenous media in striking a balance between external interests and local constituencies? Indigenous Screen Cultures in Canada explores these key questions and undertakes a critical examination of the history and role of indigenous media organizations, content, and audiences in Canada and their growing importance in domestic and global movements for information democracy.

    Published October 2010 | Film & Media Studies, Indigenous Studies

  • Indigenous Women, Work, and History


    Mary Jane Logan McCallum (Author)

    A modern history of Indigenous labour in the Canadian workforce.

    Published May 2014 | Critical Studies in Native History, History, Indigenous Studies, Women’s Studies

  • Magic Weapons

    Aboriginal Writers Remaking Community after Residential School

    Sam McKegney (Author)

    Magic Weapons is the first major survey of Indigenous writings on the residential school system, and provides groundbreaking readings of life writings by Rita Joe (Mi’kmaq) and Anthony Apakark Thrasher (Inuit) as well as in-depth critical studies of better known life writings by Basil Johnston (Ojibway) and Tomson Highway (Cree).

    Published November 2007 | Indigenous Studies, Literary Criticism

  • Masculindians

    Conversations about Indigenous Manhood

    Sam McKegney (Editor)

    Inspiring interviews with leading writers and activists on the past, present, and future of Indigenous masculinity.

    Published February 2014 | Gender Studies, Indigenous Studies

  • Sanaaq

    An Inuit Novel

    Mitiarjuk Nappaaluk (Author), Bernard Saladin d’Anglure (Translator)

    The first Inuit novel ever written, Sanaaq is a captivating tale of life and death on the edge of the ice.

    Published January 2014 | Contemporary Studies on the North, Indigenous Studies, Literature

  • Settlement, Subsistence, and Change Among the Labrador Inuit

    The Nunatsiavummiut Experience

    David C. Natcher (Editor), Lawrence Felt (Editor), Andrea Procter (Editor)

    The first significant publication on the Labrador Inuit in more than thirty years.

    Published May 2012 | Contemporary Studies on the North, History, Indigenous Studies

  • Women of the First Nations

    Power, Wisdom, and Strength

    Christine Miller (Editor), Patricia Chuchryk (Editor)

    Women of the First Nations examines various aspects of Aboriginal women’s lives from a variety of theoretical and personal perspectives. The authors discuss standard media representations, as well as historical and current realities. They bring new perspectives to discussions on Aboriginal art, literature, historical, and cultural contributions, and they offer diverse viewpoints on present economic, environmental, and political issues. This collection counters the marginalization and silencing of First Nations women’s voices and reflects the power, strength, and wisdom inherent in their lives.

    Published August 1996 | Critical Studies in Native History, Indigenous Studies, Women’s Studies