• Manitoba Day Award for Jim Blanchard’s Winnipeg’s Great War

    By U of M Press in News   |   August 8th 2011

    In early May, Jim Blanchard’s “Winnipeg’s Great War: A City Comes of Age”: was one of nine recipients of the Manitoba Day Award, presented by the Association of Manitoba Archives. Keep reading »

  • Jo-Ann Episkenew talks about Taking Back Our Spirits

    By U of M Press in News   |   July 25th 2011

    Jo-Ann Episkenew, author of “Taking Back Our Spirits”:, “was recently interviewed”: by Cassandra J. Opikokew for the University of Regina’s YOURblog. Keep reading »

  • Jo-Ann Episkenew on CBC’s The Next Chapter

    By U of M Press in News   |   June 28th 2011

    Jo-Ann Episkenew, author of “Taking Back Our Spirits”: appeared on the June 27 edition of CBC’s _The Next Chapter_, entitled A Prairie Feast of Saskatchewan Writers. Keep reading »

  • Prairie Metropolis On the Night Table

    By U of M Press in News   |   June 23rd 2011

    Greg MacPherson, Winnipeg songwriter, musician, and performance artist named “Prairie Metropolis: New Essays on Winnipeg Social History”: to “his On the Night Table list”: in the June 4 edition of the Winnipeg Free Press’ Books Section.

    “I’m seven years into an obsession with Russian literature, particularly the writings of Fyodor Dostoevsky. In a world where libraries and second-hand book stores are filled with great translations of _The Brothers Karamazov_ and _Crime and Punishment_, it seems outrageous to me that anyone could suffer from a lack of inspiration or fail to recognize our enormous potential as human beings. The stack of books on my night stand includes several Dostoevsky novels, Tolstoy’s _War and Peace_ and the exceptional University of Manitoba Press compilation of essays on Winnipeg social history, _Prairie Metropolis_.” Keep reading »

  • Home Fronts

    By U of M Press in News   |   June 14th 2011

    Jim Blanchard’s “Winnipeg’s Great War: A City Comes of Age”: reviewed in the June-July 2011 issue of Canada’s History Magazine. Keep reading »

  • Under the Boardwalk

    By U of M Press in News   |   May 19th 2011

    Author takes readers back to Winnipeg Beach’s heady heyday
    by Carolin Vesely, Winnipeg Free Press Keep reading »

  • Train travel - then and now

    By Dale Barbour   |   May 19th 2011

    You can tell a lot about a place by looking at how people travel. Winnipeg Beach, for example, was born a creature of the Canadian Pacific Railway and train travel helped define the community’s life in the first half of the twentieth century. This was a shared moment for people who hurtled back to Winnipeg together on a raucous Moonlight Express after an evening of dancing or even for those who joined the crowd that flowed out of the train and onto the resort’s boardwalk. Keep reading »

  • Emma LaRocque wins 2011 Non-Fiction Award

    By U of M Press in News   |   April 18th 2011

    Emma LaRocque takes home the 2011 Alexander Kennedy Isbister Award for Non-Fiction for When the Other Is Me Keep reading »

  • New review of Marlene Epp’s “Mennonite Women in Canada”

    By U of M Press   |   March 28th 2011

    A new review of Marlene Epp’s Mennonite Women in Canada has been posted to the Alex Freund’s German Canadian Studies blog. Keep reading »

  • Politics in the Wheat City

    By Curtis Brown   |   March 22nd 2011

    Manitoba’s second-largest city, Brandon, plays a critical role in elections that mirrors its importance as southwestern Manitoba’s social, economic and cultural hub. Keep reading »