• U of M Press launches new web site

    By U of M Press in News   |   December 6th 2010

    Welcome to the new University of Manitoba Press web site! We hope you’ll stay a while and check out all the new features! Keep reading »

  • World AIDS Day

    By Larry Krotz   |   December 1st 2010

    After more than twenty five years of HIV/AIDS in Africa, the distressing news is that the picture is not getting any better. True, thousands of people carrying the infection have had their lives prolonged through antiretroviral therapies that became available to the masses about five years ago. But alas, the rate of new infections in southern African countries including Kenya outstrips the numbers who are getting ART. Prevention is still not working. Keep reading »

  • Welcome to the U of M Press author blog

    By Paul Hackett   |   November 29th 2010

    When you’re writing an academic paper, a blank page can be intimidating. When you’re doing something creative for the Internet, it can be doubly so. Response is immediate, if indeed anyone actually views your work, and it can be savage. But what if the Internet is really an invitation? Keep reading »

  • Episkenew wins First Peoples’ Writing Award

    By U of M Press in News   |   November 29th 2010

    Jo-Ann Episkenew took home her second win on November 27th when she was awarded the First Peoples’ Writing Award at the Saskatchewan Book Awards for her book Taking Back Our Spirits: Indigenous Literature, Public Policy, and Healing.  Keep reading »

  • Manitoba Apologizes to Sayisi Dene

    By U of M Press in News   |   August 4th 2010

    A recent press release from the Manitoba Government reveals more about the relocation of the Sayisi Dene. “Read it here”: And, check out the book page for “Night Spirits: The Story of the Relocation of the Sayisi Dene”: Keep reading »

  • Restoring the Balance selected as Outstanding Academic Title

    By U of M Press in News   |   January 4th 2010

    “Restoring the Balance: First Nations Women, Community, and Culture”: has been selected as a “Choice Magazine”: Outstanding Academic Title of 2009. Congratulations to the editors: Gail, Madeleine, and Eric. Keep reading »