A Celebration of Books and Authors at NAISA

By U of M Press

* * *

UMP’s Celebration of Books and Authors at the recent NAISA conference, June 13-15 in Saskatoon, SK, was such great fun!

Our thanks to everyone who braved the rain to join us…

Included in this diptych are UMP authors Blair Stonechild, Sam McKegney, Keavy Martin, and Robert Innes (who had the distinction of being an UMP author and a NAISA organizer) as well as writer Richard Van Camp. Also on hand were Robert Englebert, Merle Massie, Renate Eigenbrod, and Paul Hackett.

The ARCs of Sam’s Masculindians and Robert’s Elder Brother proved very popular!

2013 was the sixth year that the Native American and Indigenous Studies Association conference has been held and the first year that it’s been in Canada.

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June 25th 2013
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