Manitoba Day Awards Ceremony

By U of M Press

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The Lost Foote Photos blog and Jock Lehr’s Community and Frontier were among seven projects recognized by the Association for Manitoba Archives on Thursday, May 16.

The Manitoba Day Awards were established in 2007 to “recognize users of archives who have completed an original work of excellence which contributes to the understanding and celebration of Manitoba history.”

Other winners include WFP reporter Bruce Owen, teacher Matt Henderson, artist Barb Flemington, writer Bernard Bocquel, and scholar Shannon Stunden Bower.

In the group photo, l-r, we have Bruce Owen, Ariel Gordon, Jock Lehr, Matt Henderson, Martin Comeau, Barb Flemington, Bernard Bocquel, and one of Matt Henderson’s SJR students.

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Posted on
May 20th 2013
at 10:35am

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