Summer Reading Sale!

By U of M Press

We’re celebrating the summer with a sale on some of our most popular titles! Until the end of August, enjoy 40% off the below titles:

The Politics of the Canoe argues that while the canoe is mainly thought of as a recreational vehicle, it is also a political vessel. Dive into your summer plans with a thoughtful exploration of your favourite hobby.

Nitinikiau Innusi: I Keep the Land Alive is a powerful memoir by an Innu woman who never stops fighting for her land.

From politics to sports, activism and the arts, Indigenous Celebrity: Entanglements with Fame draws on Indigenous processes of respect, recognition, and humility to offer possibilities for alternative understandings of celebrity.

Unbecoming Nationalism: From Commemoration to Redress is a passionate and interdisciplinary intervention that unsettles and challenges current understandings of Canada’s national identity.⁠

Planning on visiting any heritage sites this summer? Pick up a copy of Authorized Heritage: Place, Memory, and Historic Sites in Prairie Canada before you head out to learn about how heritage sites such as Batoche, Seven Oaks, and Upper Fort Garry reflect colonial perceptions of the past.

Undressed Toronto: From the Swimming Hole to Sunnyside, How a City Learned to Love the Beach, 1850-1935 digs into the vibrant social life of Toronto’s public waterfronts while challenging assumptions about class, the urban environment, and the presentation of the naked body.

Making Believe: Questions About Mennonites and Art responds to a remarkable flowering of art by Mennonites in Canada. Part criticism, part memoir, Making Believe argues that there is no such thing as Mennonite art. At the same time, her close engagement with individual works of art paradoxically leads Redekop to identify a Mennonite sensibility at play in the space where artists from many cultures interact.

In Grasslands Grown: Creating Place on the U.S. Northern Plains and Canadian Prairies Molly P. Rozum explores the two related concepts of regional identity and sense of place by examining a single North American ecological region: the U.S. Great Plains and the Canadian Prairie Provinces.

In Two Years Below the Horn: Operation Tabarin, Field Science, and Antarctic Sovereignty engineer Andrew Taylor vividly recounts his experiences and accomplishments during Operation Tabarin, a landmark British expedition to Antarctica to establish sovereignty and conduct science during the Second World War.

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July 28th 2023
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