Books – Titles A-Z

  • Communal Solidarity

    Immigration, Settlement, and Social Welfare in Winnipeg’s Jewish Community, 1882–1930

    Arthur Ross (Author)

    Creating a democratic and supportive community.

    Published March 2019 | Studies in Immigration and Culture, Ethnic Studies, History, Immigration

  • Community and Frontier

    A Ukrainian Settlement in the Canadian Parkland

    John C. Lehr (Author)

    A social and economic history of one of the oldest Ukrainian settlements in Western Canada.

    Published November 2011 | Studies in Immigration and Culture, History

  • Constructing Tomorrow’s Federalism

    New Perspectives on Canadian Governance

    Ian Peach (Editor)

    From discussions on democracy and distinctiveness to explorations of self-governance and power imbalances, Constructing Tomorrow’s Federalism tests assertions from scholars and practitioners on the legitimacy and future of the state of the federation. In this broad collection of essays, fifteen scholars and political leaders identify options for the future governance of Canada and contribute to a renewed civic discourse on what it means to govern ourselves as a liberal democracy and a multinational federation.

    Published May 2007 | Political Studies

  • Conversations in Food Studies

    Colin R. Anderson (Editor), Jennifer Brady (Editor), Charles Z. Levkoe (Editor)

    Bringing interdisciplinarity to the table.

    Published November 2016 | Agriculture & Food

  • Creating Space

    My Life and Work in Indigenous Education

    Verna J. Kirkness (Author)

    The life story of Verna J. Kirkness, a Cree woman from Manitoba, whose simple quest to teach “in a Native way,” revolutionized Canadian education policy and practice.

    Published October 2013 | Autobiography, Education, Indigenous Studies

  • Cree Legends and Narratives from the West Coast of James Bay

    âtalôhkâna nêsta tipâcimôwina

    C. Douglas Ellis (Editor)

    This is the first major body of annotated texts in James Bay Cree, and a unique documentation of Swampy and Moose Cree (Western James Bay) usage of the 1950s and 1960s. Conversations and interviews with 16 different speakers include: legends, reminiscences, historical narratives, stories and conversations, as well as descriptions of technology.

    Published July 1995 | Publications of the Algonquian Text Society, Indigenous Studies

  • Curling Capital

    Winnipeg and the Roarin’ Game, 1876 to 1988

    Morris Mott (Author), John Allardyce (Author)

    The rise of Winnipeg to world curling prominence in the nineteenth century and the persistence of that prominence in the twentieth.

    Published January 1989 | History

  • Czech Refugees in Cold War Canada


    Jan Raska (Author)

    Cold War citizen allies.

    Published August 2018 | Studies in Immigration and Culture, History, Immigration

  • Decolonizing Employment

    Aboriginal Inclusion in Canada’s Labour Market

    Shauna MacKinnon (Author)

    How do we include one of Canada’s fastest growing populations in a job market they have essentially been denied access to?

    Published September 2015 | Education, Indigenous Studies

  • Defining Métis

    Catholic Missionaries and the Idea of Civilization in Northwestern Saskatchewan, 1845–1898

    Timothy P. Foran (Author)

    A thorough examination of the Oblates’ evolving definition of Métis.

    Published April 2017 | History, Indigenous Studies, Religion