Books by Larry Krotz

  • Diagnosing the Legacy

    The Discovery, Research, and Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes in Indigenous Youth

    The story of Indigenous youth and Type 2 Diabetes.

    Published March 2018 | History, Indigenous Studies, Medical History

  • Piecing the Puzzle

    The Genesis of AIDS Research in Africa

    A history of the first and longest running HIV/AIDS research team in Africa.

    Published May 2012 | History, Medical History

  • The Uncertain Business of Doing Good

    Outsiders in Africa

    As a journalist and documentary filmmaker, Larry Krotz follows the projects of Canadian, American, British and European scientists, NGOs, lawyers, and peacekeepers, all motivated in some manner by the desire to ‘do good’ in Africa. He focuses specifically on people involved in trying to end the Angolan civil war, AIDS research in Kenya, the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, and the UNIM circumcision research project in Kenya. Along with telling their stories, he examines the ethical and social implications of humanitarian and research projects in Africa, raising many difficult, yet critically important, questions.

    Published September 2008