Books by Royden Loewen

  • Mennonite Farmers

    A Global History of Place and Sustainability

    A comparative global history of Mennonites from the ground up.

    Published November 2021 | Agriculture & Food, History, Mennonite Studies, Oral History & Storytelling, Religion

  • Horse-and-Buggy Genius

    Listening to Mennonites Contest the Modern World

    A simple life in the modern world.

    Published May 2016 | Ethnic Studies, History, Immigration, Mennonite Studies, Oral History & Storytelling, Religion

  • Hidden Worlds

    Revisiting the Mennonite Migrants of the 1870s

    In the 1870s, approximately 18,000 Mennonites migrated from the southern steppes of Imperial Russia (present-day Ukraine) to the North American grasslands. Their adaptation to the New World required new concepts of social boundary and community, new strategies of land ownership and legacy, new associations, and new ways of interacting with markets. In Hidden Worlds, historian Royden Loewen illuminates some of these adaptations, which have been largely overshadowed by an emphasis on institutional history, or whose sources have only recently been revealed.

    Published November 2001 | Ethnic Studies, History, Immigration, Mennonite Studies

  • From the Inside Out

    The Rural Worlds of Mennonite Diarists

    Historian Royden Loewen has brought together selections from diaries kept by 21 Mennonites in Canada between 1863 and 1929, some translated from German for the first time. By skillfully comparing and contrasting a wide cross-section of lives, Loewen shows how these diaries often turn the hidden contours of household and community “inside out.”

    Published October 1999 | Ethnic Studies, History, Mennonite Studies, Translation