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Get all three entries in Jim Blanchard’s Winnipeg Trilogy for 30% off!

Jim Blanchard recently retired as Head of Reference Services at Elizabeth Dafoe Library at the University of Manitoba and was named Librarian Emeritus in 2016. He is a former president of the Manitoba Historical Society and the Manitoba Library Association.

Christian Cassidy, the West End Winnipegger, blogger, columnist, and local history buff, recommends Blanchard’s books to anyone interested in Winnipeg history: “They’re well researched, interesting to read, with great anecdotes. They cover arguably the most important decades in Winnipeg’s early years.”

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Books included in this bundle

  • Winnipeg 1912

    Jim Blanchard (Author)

    At the beginning of the last century, no city on the continent was growing faster or was more aggressive than Winnipeg. No year in the city’s history epitomized this energy more that 1912, when Winnipeg was on the crest of a period of unprecedented prosperity. From the excited crowds at the summer Exhibition to the turbulent floor of the Grain Exchange, Blanchard gives us a vivid picture of daily life in this fast-paced city of new millionaires and newly arrived immigrants. Richly illustrated with more than seventy period photographs, Winnipeg 1912 captures a time and place that left a lasting impression on Canadian history and culture.

    Published October 2005 | History

  • Winnipeg’s Great War

    A City Comes of Age

    Jim Blanchard (Author)

    Winnipeg’s Great War picks up in 1914, just as the city is regrouping after a brief economic downturn. War comes unexpectedly, thoughts of recovery are abandoned, and the city digs in for a hard-fought four years. Using letters, diaries, and newspaper reports, Jim Blanchard brings us into the homes and public offices of Winnipeg and its citizens to illustrate the profound effect the war had on every aspect of the city, from its politics and economy, to its men on the battlefield and its war-weary families fighting on the homefront.

    Published September 2010 | History, Military History

  • A Diminished Roar

    Winnipeg in the 1920s

    Jim Blanchard (Author)

    A lively and entertaining tour through an overlooked period in Winnipeg’s history.

    Published August 2019 | History, Social History, Urban Studies