Books – Indigenous Studies

  • Settlement, Subsistence, and Change Among the Labrador Inuit

    The Nunatsiavummiut Experience

    David C. Natcher (Editor), Lawrence Felt (Editor), Andrea Procter (Editor)

    The first significant publication on the Labrador Inuit in more than thirty years.

    Published May 2012 | Contemporary Studies on the North, History, Indigenous Studies

  • Finding a Way to the Heart

    Feminist Writings on Aboriginal and Women’s History in Canada

    Robin Jarvis Brownlie (Editor), Valerie J. Korinek (Editor)

    Provocative reflections on a generation of feminist scholarship.

    Published April 2012 | Indigenous Studies, Women’s Studies

  • For King and Kanata

    Canadian Indians and the First World War

    Timothy C. Winegard (Author)

    The first comprehensive history of the Aboriginal First World War experience on the battlefield and the home front.

    Published January 2012 | History, Indigenous Studies, Military History

  • Seeing Red

    A History of Natives in Canadian Newspapers

    Mark Cronlund Anderson (Author), Carmen L. Robertson (Author)

    The first book to examine the role of Canada’s newspapers in perpetuating the myth of Native inferiority.

    Published September 2011 | Film & Media Studies, History, Indigenous Studies

  • Life Stages and Native Women

    Memory, Teachings, and Story Medicine

    Kim Anderson (Author)

    A rare and inspiring guide to the health and well-being of Aboriginal women and their communities.

    Published September 2011 | Critical Studies in Native History, History, Indigenous Studies, Women’s Studies

  • First Nations Gaming in Canada

    Yale D. Belanger (Editor)

    While games of chance have been part of the Aboriginal cultural landscape since before European contact, large-scale commercial gaming facilities within First Nations communities are a relatively new phenomenon in Canada. First Nations Gaming in Canada is the first multidisciplinary study of the role of gaming in indigenous communities north of the 49th parallel.

    Published February 2011 | Indigenous Studies

  • Indigenous Screen Cultures in Canada

    Sigurjón Baldur Hafsteinsson (Editor), Marian Bredin (Editor)

    Who has the power to narrate and the power to suppress indigenous narratives? Are indigenous media representations themselves appropriate? What is the role of indigenous media in striking a balance between external interests and local constituencies? Indigenous Screen Cultures in Canada explores these key questions and undertakes a critical examination of the history and role of indigenous media organizations, content, and audiences in Canada and their growing importance in domestic and global movements for information democracy.

    Published October 2010 | Film & Media Studies, Indigenous Studies

  • When the Other Is Me

    Native Resistance Discourse, 1850 - 1990

    Emma LaRocque (Author)

    In this long-awaited book from one of the most recognized and respected scholars in Native Studies today, Emma LaRocque presents a powerful interdisciplinary study of the Native literary response to racist writing in the Canadian historical and literary record from 1850 to 1990.

    Published March 2010 | Indigenous Studies, Literary Criticism

  • Taking Back Our Spirits

    Indigenous Literature, Public Policy, and Healing

    Jo-Ann Episkenew (Author)

    From the earliest settler policies to deal with the “Indian problem,” to contemporary government-run programs ostensibly designed to help Indigenous people, public policy has played a major role in creating the historical trauma that so greatly impacts the lives of Canada’s Aboriginal peoples. Taking Back Our Spirits traces the link between Canadian public policies, the injuries they have inflicted on Indigenous people, and Indigenous literature’s ability to heal individuals and communities.

    Published May 2009 | Indigenous Studies, Literary Criticism

  • Power Struggles

    Hydroelectric Development and First Nations in Manitoba and Quebec

    Thibault Martin (Editor), Steven M. Hoffman (Editor)

    Power Struggles: Hydro Development and First Nations in Manitoba and Quebec examines the evolution of new agreements between First Nations and Inuit and the hydro corporations in Quebec and Manitoba, including the Wuskwatim Dam Project, Paix des Braves, and the Great Whale Project.

    Published March 2009 | Indigenous Studies