Books – Urban Studies

  • For a Better World

    The Winnipeg General Strike and the Workers’ Revolt

    James Naylor (Editor), Rhonda L. Hinther (Editor), Jim Mochoruk (Editor)

    Re-examining our radical past.

    Published November 2022 | History, Labour Studies, Political Studies, Social History, Urban Studies

  • Undressed Toronto

    From the Swimming Hole to Sunnyside, How a City Learned to Love the Beach, 1850-1935

    Dale Barbour (Author)

    Dressing for the beach.

    Published October 2021 | Environmental Studies, Gender Studies, History, Social History, Sports & Recreation, Urban Studies

  • Settler City Limits

    Indigenous Resurgence and Colonial Violence in the Urban Prairie West

    Heather Dorries (Editor), Robert Henry (Editor), David Hugill (Editor), Tyler McCreary (Editor), Julie Tomiak (Editor)

    Urban Indigenous resistance and resurgence.

    Published October 2019 | Decolonization, Geography, History, Indigenous Studies, Social History, Urban Studies

  • A Diminished Roar

    Winnipeg in the 1920s

    Jim Blanchard (Author)

    A lively and entertaining tour through an overlooked period in Winnipeg’s history.

    Published August 2019 | History, Social History, Urban Studies

  • Rooster Town

    The History of an Urban Métis Community, 1901–1961

    Evelyn Peters (Author), Matthew Stock (Author), Adrian Werner (Author)

    A Métis enclave at Winnipeg’s edge.

    Published October 2018 | History, Indigenous Studies, Métis Studies, Urban Studies

  • The North End Revisited

    Photographs by John Paskievich

    John Paskievich (Author)

    Revisiting an iconic neighbourhood.

    Published September 2017 | Art & Architecture, History, Social History, Urban Studies

  • Imagining Winnipeg

    History through the Photographs of L.B. Foote

    Esyllt W. Jones (Author)

    In an expanding and socially fractious early twentieth-century Winnipeg, Lewis Benjamin Foote (1873-1957) rose to become the city’s pre-eminent commercial photographer. Imagining Winnipeg, prepared and introduced by award-winning historian Esyllt W. Jones, collects 150 Foote photographs from the more than 2,000 images in the Archives of Manitoba Foote Collection and challenges our understanding of visual history and the city we thought we knew.

    Published September 2012 | Art & Architecture, History, Social History, Urban Studies

  • Winnipeg’s Great War

    A City Comes of Age

    Jim Blanchard (Author)

    Winnipeg’s Great War picks up in 1914, just as the city is regrouping after a brief economic downturn. War comes unexpectedly, thoughts of recovery are abandoned, and the city digs in for a hard-fought four years. Using letters, diaries, and newspaper reports, Jim Blanchard brings us into the homes and public offices of Winnipeg and its citizens to illustrate the profound effect the war had on every aspect of the city, from its politics and economy, to its men on the battlefield and its war-weary families fighting on the homefront.

    Published September 2010 | History, Letters & Correspondence, Military History, Social History, Urban Studies

  • Prairie Metropolis

    New Essays on Winnipeg Social History

    Esyllt W. Jones (Editor), Gerald Friesen (Editor)

    Prairie Metropolis brings together some of the best new graduate research on the history of Winnipeg and makes a groundbreaking contribution to the history of the city between 1900 and the 1980s. The essays in this collection explore the development of social institutions such as the city’s police force, juvenile court, health care institutions, volunteer organizations, and cultural centres.

    Published September 2009 | History, Social History, Urban Studies

  • The North End

    Photographs by John Paskievich

    John Paskievich (Author)

    Winnipeg’s North End has informed the Canadian mythology and influenced the national psyche. The North End also divides and defines the city of Winnipeg, shaping its politics and sense of identity. In these photographs, taken between the mid-1970s and the mid-1990s, John Paskievich set out to explore the North End he knew in his youth.

    Published October 2007 | Art & Architecture, History, Identity Studies, Social History, Urban Studies