A Bibliography of Northern Manitoba

Richard A. Enns (Author)

Much has been written about the history and the people of northern Manitoba, but until now this body of work has not been readily accessible to the researcher or teacher. This bibliography identifies published sources, such as books and magazine and journal articles, as well as unpublished sources that are available to the public, including academic theses and government pamphlets, reports, and studies. It includes primarily materials dealing with the area north of 53rd parallel of latitude, but it also includes material on the area east of Lake Winnipeg as far south as the 51st parallel, a region that is similar to the North. References are listed under seven topics: bibliographies and research aids; the fur trade; Aboriginal and M├ętis populations; exploration and travel accounts; church and mission histories; northern geography and resources; and community histories and twentieth century resource exploitation.

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About the Author

Richard A. Enns received an M.A. in history and is an M.SW at the University of Manitoba.

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  • A Bibliography of Northern Manitoba
  • Richard A. Enns (Author)
  • Published January 1991, 128 pages
  • Paper, ISBN: 9780887556258, 6 × 9, $70.00
  • Topic(s): History

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