Farmland Preservation, second edition

Land for Future Generations

Wayne J. Caldwell (Editor), Stew Hilts (Editor), Bronwynne Wilton (Editor)

As land is lost to urban sprawl and other non-farm activity, our ability to produce food is diminished and options for future food production are limited. Farmland Preservation speaks to the need to preserve the agricultural land base for future generations. The need for protection is driven by uncertainty caused by climate change, population growth, food security, energy availability, and other local and global factors.

This uncertainty means that there is an ever-growing responsibility to ensure that the actions of today do not compromise the needs of future generations.

This second edition of Farmland Preservation provides a range of views and case studies from across Canada, the United States, and beyond. Its fourteen essays are intended to help the reader understand the importance of the issue and the potential for applying new approaches to agricultural protection, policy tools, and initiatives.

About the Authors

Wayne J. Caldwell is a Professor in Rural Planning at the University of Guelph. He is a Registered Professional Planner and is a passionate advocate for the betterment of rural communities. He has served as chair or president of a number of local, provincial, and national organizations.

Stew Hilts is Professor Emeritus, Department of Land Resource Science at the University of Guelph and the former chair of the Ontario Farmland Trust.

Bronwynne Wilton holds a PhD in Rural Studies and a Master’s of Science in Rural Planning/Landscape Architecture in addition to a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture. Bronwynne is currently a Consulting Project Lead with Synthesis Agri-Food Network in Guelph, Ontario.

Other contributors: Nicolas Brunet, Christopher Bryant, Trevor Budge, Andrew Butt, Wayne Caldwell, Ghalia Chahine, Arthur Churchyard, Tom Daniels, Gary Davidson, Claire Dodds, Denis Granjon, J.C. (Jim) Hiley, Stew Hilts, Kelsey Lang, Claude Marois, Kevin McNaney, Kate Procter, Matt Setzkorn, Barry E. Smith, Michael Troughton, Bob Wagner, Bronwynne Wilton.

Book Details

  • Farmland Preservation, second edition: Land for Future Generations
  • Wayne J. Caldwell (Editor), Stew Hilts (Editor), Bronwynne Wilton (Editor)
  • Published March 2017, 256 pages
  • Paper, ISBN: 978-0-88755-820-7, 6 × 9, $27.95
  • Topic(s): Agriculture & Food, Environmental Studies, Resource Management

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