First Nations Gaming in Canada

Yale D. Belanger (Editor)

While games of chance have been part of the Aboriginal cultural landscape since before European contact, large-scale commercial gaming facilities within First Nations communities are a relatively new phenomenon in Canada. First Nations Gaming in Canada is the first multidisciplinary study of the role of gaming in indigenous communities north of the 49th parallel. Bringing together some of Canada’s leading gambling researchers, the book examines the history of Aboriginal gaming and its role in indigenous political economy, the rise of large-scale casinos and cybergaming, the socio-ecological impact of problem gambling, and the challenges of labour unions and financial management. The authors also call attention to the dearth of socio-economic impact studies of gambling in First Nations communities while providing models to address this growing issue of concern.


“A scholarly study that ponders Canada’s present and future, First Nations Gaming in Canada is a must for any collection pondering social and aboriginal issues in Canada.

The Midwest Book Review

“This book provides a valuable snapshot of the research landscape surrounding First Nations gambling in Canada, in which Belanger clearly looms large, contributing just under half of the chapters as editor, co-author, or author.”

Fiona Nicoll, University of Queensland, Aboriginal Policy Studies.

First Nations Gaming in Canada is a useful and informative book that provides background on the historical, cultural, social, economic and regulatory development of First Nations games and gambling. This is a valuable reference book and a very useful guide to further literature.”

– Helen Breen, Southern Cross University, International Gambling Studies

“First Nations gaming is no longer a new phenomenon; however, academic analyses are still in a stage of infancy. With the innovative nature of this book, the foundation is now firmly in place to reconsider old assumptions, ask new questions, and stimulate additional research.”

– G. Bruyere, Nicola Valley Institute of Technology, CHOICE Magazine

About the Author

Yale D. Belanger is an associate professor in the department of Native American studies at the University of Lethbridge, and author of Ways of Knowing: An Introduction to Native Studies in Canada and Gambling with the Future: The Evolution of Aboriginal Gaming in Canada.

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