Politics in Manitoba

Parties, Leaders, and Voters

Christopher Adams (Author)

Politics in Manitoba is the first comprehensive review of the Manitoba party system that combines history and contemporary public opinion data to reveal the political and voter trends that have shaped the province of Manitoba over the past 130 years. Written by Christopher Adams, Research Director at the national public opinion research firm Probe Research, Politics in Manitoba details the histories of the Progressive Conservatives, the Liberals, and the New Democratic Party from 1870 to 2007. Adams looks in particular at the enduring influence of political geography and political culture, as well as the impact of leadership, campaign strategies, organizational resources, and the media on voter preferences.

Adams also presents here for the first time public opinion data based on more than 25,000 interviews with Manitobans, conducted between 1999 and 2007. He analyzes voter age, gender, income, education, and geographic location to determine how Manitobans vote. In the process Adams dispels some commonly held beliefs about party supporters and identifies recurring themes in voter behaviour.


“An important contribution to the scholarship on the political history and contemporary trends in Manitoba politics, particularly elections.”

– Paul Thomas, Duff Roblin Professor of Government, University of Manitoba

“Adams combines his expertise in Manitoba’s political system with a thorough political history and rich quantitative data to create one of the most insightful and authoritative works on Manitoba’s party stem availbable…From scandals, to policy decisions, to humourous tales, Adams reliews on both rimary and secondary documents to tell a clear, detailed history of each party, explaining how internal decisions have affected both party and province…slic[ing] through nearly 150 years of history to build a complete and detailed examination that is beneficial to readers.”

– Zachary Spicer, Political Science, University of Western Ontario, American Review of Canadian Studies

“In recent decades, provincial politics have garnered increased attention as the academic community has grown and specialized studies have proliferated…This book is a useful workmanlike contribution to the small but growing bookshelf devoted to Manitoba politics.”

– Nelson Wiseman, University of Toronto Quarterly, Winter 2010

“Every political contest seems to be more about the characters than the issues themselves. Politics in Manitoba is a look at the long political history of the province of Manitoba, which is as intriguing and full of interesting events and individuals as any national election. Adams takes readers down a long road that brings out what Manitoba is all about as a people, and how the best man doesn’t always win. Politics in Manitoba is a strong pick for political history collections.”

– Midwest Book Review

About the Author

Christopher Adams is the senior research director at Probe Research and an adjunct professor at the Asper School of Business and at the University of Winnipeg. He holds a PhD in political science from Carleton University, and teaches graduate courses in business and politics at University of Winnipeg and University of Manitoba.

Book Details

  • Politics in Manitoba: Parties, Leaders, and Voters
  • Christopher Adams (Author)
  • Published May 2008, 200 pages
  • Paper, ISBN: 9780887557040, 6 × 9, $24.95
  • Topic(s): Political Studies

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