The Edda

A Collection of Essays

R.J. Glendinning (Editor), Haraldur Bessason (Editor)

Twelve essays are presented by outstanding authorities in Nordic medieval studies and range from treatment of broad aspects of the Edda, to consideration of single poems, to analysis of parts of specific works. An attactive and important collection for every scholar of Old Scandinavian.


“This collection of essays, written by the foremost international Eddic scholars, is destined to become a standard work in the area of Eddic studies. It is suitable for both the undergraduate student engaged in study of the Edda and for the seasoned scholar involved in serious original research.”

CHOICE Magazine

About the Authors

R.J. Glendinning is Associate Professor, Department of German, University of Manitoba.

Haraldur Bessason is Professor and Head, Department of Icelandic Languages and Literature, University of Manitoba.

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