Toward Defining the Prairies

Region, Culture, and History

Robert Wardhaugh (Editor)

New ways of thinking about literature and history have radically changed how we think about or even “define” a region like the Prairie West. In fact, the very concept of “defining” has come into question by new theoretical approaches and it may now seem a hopeless endeavour. But the process of defining can be just as important as the actual production of a definition.

Toward Defining the Prairies highlights recent approaches to thinking about the Prairie West. Bounded by pieces from well-known historian Gerald Friesen and Governor-General’s Award-winning writer Robert Kroetsch, these thirteen essays are as diverse as the region itself. In their examination of different aspects of Prairie history, literature, climate, society, culture, and identity, they help to provide a new understanding of this place and of the complexities of its definition.

About the Author

Robert Wardhaugh teaches History at the University of Western Ontario, and is the author of MacKenzie King and the Prairie West.

Other contributors: Alison Calder, Dr. Gerald T. Davidson, Alvin Finkel, Gerald Friesen, R. Rory Henry, Robert Kroetsch, Royden Loewen, Clarie Omhovère, Molly P. Rozum, J’nan Morse Sellery, Birk Sproxton, Robert Wardhaugh, Jason Wiens

Book Details

  • Toward Defining the Prairies: Region, Culture, and History
  • Robert Wardhaugh (Editor)
  • Published April 2001, 232 pages
  • Paper, ISBN: 9780887556722, 6 × 9, $22.95
  • Topic(s): History, Literary Criticism, Social History

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