A Two-Spirit Journey TABLE OF CONTENTS

Ch. 1—My Grandmother’s and My Family’s History in Manitoba and Ontario
Ch. 2—First Discoveries and Sorrows – My Early Childhood in Ombabika
Ch. 3—Seasonal Activities, First Friendships, and the Beginning of Addiction
Ch. 4—School, Teenage Friendship, and Having Two-Spirits
Ch. 5—Losing My Grandmother and My Mother, Becoming a Parent, and Surviving an Abusive Marriage
Ch. 6—Living and Parenting Before Sobriety
Ch. 7—Sobriety and Single Parenting
Ch. 8—Marrying by Choice, Working with Addicted Mothers, and Fostering Kids
Ch. 9—Coming Out, Falling in Love, and Living with Leah
Ch. 10—Single Life, Meeting Grace, and Building a Life Together
Ch. 11—Recovering from Post–Traumatic Stress Disorder and Becoming an Elder
Afterword – by Mary Louisa Plummer

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