Being German Canadian TABLE OF CONTENTS

Introduction —Heavy Baggage: Memory and Generation in Ethnic History

Ch. 1—A Flying Piano and Then—Silence: German-Canadian Memories of the Great War

Ch. 2—One Fuhrer, Two Kings: A Canadian Prime Minister in Nazi Germany and the Dilemma of Responsibility

Ch. 3—A Transnational Yekkish Identity? Comparing German Jews in Canada and Israel

Ch. 4—The Roots of Ethnic Fundamentalism German-Canadian Studies: The Case of Gottlieb Leibbrandt

Ch. 5—Gatekeeping in the Lutheran Church: Ethnicity, Generation, and Religion in 1960s Toronto

Ch. 6—Migration Trajectories and the Construction of Generational Discourses Among Contemporary German Immigrants in Ottawa in the 2000s

Ch. 7—“We Never Really Talked About It”: Second- And Third-Generation German-Canadians’ Family Memories of the Holocaust

Ch. 8—Creating Family Legacies: Descendants Memorialize Their German Female Ancestors

Epilogue—What Does it Mean to be “German-Canadian”? The Challenge of History and the Obligation of Memory

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