Compelled to Act TABLE OF CONTENTS

Introduction—Sarah Carter and Nanci Langford

Chapter 1—At Home and Abroad: Canadian Suffrage at the Crossroads of International Suffrage Movements by Joan Sangster

Chapter 2—Violet McNaughton’s Influence on the Western Producer by Georgina M. Taylor

Chapter 3—“In the Forefront of the Affair”: Women and the Crowsnest Pass Strike of 1932 by Laurel Halladay

Chapter 4 Mindel Cherniack Sheps and the Politics of Socialized Medicine in 1940s Saskatchewan by Esyllt Wynne Jones

Chapter 5—“Ann Nisei” and “Sue Sada”: Negotiating Race, Gender, and Family in the Nikkei Press of North America by Stephanie Bangarth

Chapter 6—Labour Progressive? Political Opportunist? Betrayer?: Contradictions in the Life of Postwar Alberta Unionist Ethel Wilson by Cynthia Loch-Drake

Chapter 7—Peace Activists and Public Health in Alberta: The Voice of Women against Chemical Weapons by Susan L. Smith

Chapter 8—Activists in the “Bible Belt”: Conservatism, Religion, and Recognizing Reproductive Rights in 1970s Southern Alberta by Erika Dyck and Karissa Patton

Chapter 9—From Kitchen Tables to Formal Organization: Indigenous Women’s Social and Political Activism in Saskatchewan to 1980 by Allyson Stevenson And Cheryl Troupe

Chapter 10—Reproductive Self-Determination and the Persistence of “Family Values” in Alberta from the 1960s to the 1990s by Carol Williams

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