Manitoba’s Mixed Bag of Policy Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic
Andrea Rounce, Karine Levasseur, and Shannon Furness

Part 1: Shifting Grounds: Governance and Epidemiological Response

Chapter 1—Mapping Manitoba Health Policy Response to the Outbreak
Josée G. Lavoie, Wayne Clark, Razvan G. Romanescu, Wanda Phillips-Beck, Leona Star, and Rachel Dutton

Chapter 2—Governing Manitoba in a Pandemic: Crises, Leadership,and Institutions
Paul G. Thomas

Chapter 3—“What the MSM Won’t Tell You!” Social Media and Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories
Jason Hannan

Part 2: Policy, Pandemics, and Places

Chapter 4—The Pandemic and Manitoba’s Non-Profit Sector: A Case of Insufficient and Misdirected Provincial Public Policy
Sid Frankel

Chapter 5—The Effect of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Manitoba’s Public Universities
Scott Forbes and Jim Clark

Chapter 6—Austerity Politics and Anti-union Aminus: Organized Labour in the Pandemic
Julie Guard

Chapter 7—Manitoba and the Pandemic: Economic Impact and the Policy Response
Fletcher Baragar

Chapter 8—Challenges and Opportunities for Agriculture in Manitoba:Recovering from COVID-19
Emily C. Sousa, Sara Epp, Wayne Caldwell, William (Bill) Ashton, and Kathleen Kevany

Chapter 9—COVID-19 and the City of Winnipeg
Aaron A. Moore

Chapter 10—COVID-19 Policies Increase the Inequity in Northern Manitoba’s Indigenous Communities
Stewart Hill, Marleny Bonnycastle, and Shirley Thompson

Part 3: Policy, Pandemics, and People

Chapter 11—Protecting our People: Indigenous Sovereignty and Resilience in Manitoba during the Era of COVID-19
Avery Hallberg and Kiera Ladner

Chapter 12—Leading in a Time of Crisis: The Manitoba Metis Federation’s COVID-19 Response Plan
Will Goodon and Kelly Saunders

Chapter 13—Manitoba Child Care during COVID-19
Susan Prentice

Chapter 14—Manitoba in the COVID-19 Pandemic: Women’s Experiences
Joan Grace

Chapter 15—Lip Service to the “Vulnerable”: Government Public Policy on Disability and the COVID-19 Pandemic
Diane Driedger

Chapter 16—Policy Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic and Its Effect on Persons with Disabilities: Some Thoughts from Manitoba
Darcy L. MacPherson

Chapter 17— “Friendly Manitoba?” An Examination of Racism and Xenophobia during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Lori Wilkinson and Sally Ogoe

Chapter 18—Income Security in a Time of Pandemic: Neo-Liberalism Meets COVID-19 in Manitoba
James P. Mulvale

Chapter 19—The COVID-19 Policy Response for Renters and Persons Experiencing Homelessness in Manitoba
Sarah Cooper and Jesse Hajer

Chapter 20—COVID-19 Policy Responses: Older Adults
Laura Funk

Chapter 21—The Military and Manitoba
Andrea Charron

Chapter 22—Parental Mental Health during COVID-19
Emily E. Cameron and Leslie E. Roos

Chapter 23—The Mental Health Impact of COVID-19 on Manitoba’s Essential Workers
Natalie Mota and Kristin Reynolds

Chapter 24—Very Necessary: Pandemic Protests and Pedagogies of Possibility
Delia D. Douglas

Chapter25—Recreation, Leisure, and Public Space: Manitoba’s COVID-19 Response
Bruce Erickson

Chapter 26—Food Distribution during a Pandemic: A Tale of Two Supply Chains
Paul D. Larson

Chapter 27—Architecture as Long-Term Care
Lisa Landrum

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