Daniels v. Canada TABLE OF CONTENTS


Ch. 1—Daniels in Context

Ch. 2—Harry Daniels and Section 91 (24) of the British North America Act

Ch. 3—After the Hysteria: Understanding Daniels v. Canada from a Métis Nation Perspective

Ch. 4—Daniels v Canada: A Framework for Redress

Ch. 5—The Other Declarations in Daniels: Fiduciary Obligations and the Duty to Negotiate

Ch. 4—Racism, Canadian Jurisprudence, and the de-Peopling of the Métis in Daniels

Ch. 5—Daniels Through an International Law Lens

Ch. 6—Daniels v. Canada Beyond Jurisprudential Interpretation: What to do Once the Horse has Left the Barn

Ch. 7—Outlining the Origins of “Eastern métis” Studies

Ch. 8—Making Kin in a Postgenomic World: Indigenous Belonging after the Genome

Ch. 9—How We Know Who We Are: Historical Literacy, Kinscapes, and Defining a People

Conclusion: The Multiple Lives of the Daniels Case

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