Decolonizing Discipline TABLE OF CONTENTS

Part I. Setting the Stage: Indian Residential Schools, Canadian Churches, and Corporal Punishment

Chapter 1—A Prophetic Call to Churches in Canada
Chapter 2—‘I was Spanked and I’m OK’: Examining Thirty Years of Research Evidence on Corporal Punishment
Chapter 3—Corporal Punishment: The Child’s Experience
Chapter 4—Lies that have Shaped Us: Racism, Violence and Ageism in Canadian Churches

Part II. Examining Sacred Texts: Christian Theological Reflections on Corporal Punishment

Chapter 5—Acculturation, Enculturation and Social Imaginaries: The Complex Relationship between the Gospel and Culture
Chapter 6—Reading the Bible Redemptively
Chapter 7—What do we do with Proverbs?
Chapter 8—The Significance of Robust Theologies of Childhood for Honouring Children’s Full Humanity and Rejecting Corporal Punishment

Part III. Seeking Further Wisdom: Indigenous Parenting, Positive Approaches to Discipline and Spiritual Practices

Chapter 9—The Circle of Courage: Raising Respectful, Responsible Children through Indigenous Child Rearing Practices
Chapter 10—“Inunnguiniq” (The Making of a Human Being): Inuit Traditional Values and Child Rearing Practices
Chapter 11—Rethinking Christian Theologies of Discipline and Discipleship
Chapter 12—Walking the Path Toward Reconciliation: One Mother’s Transformative Journey from Parenting with Punishment to Parenting with Positive Discipline
Chapter 13—Whole Person Discipline: The Spiritual Nurture of Children

Part IV. Moving Toward Reconciliation: Reflections on the Theological Statement and (re)Imagining our Shared Future

Chapter 14—Developing a Theological Position Statement on Corporal Punishment: The Process
Chapter 15—An International Perspective on the Canadian Theological Statement: Context, Tools and Encouragement
Chapter 16—“On Sparing the Rod and Spoiling the Child:” Preaching on Call to Action Number 6, and the Repeal of Section 43 of the Criminal Code of Canada
Chapter 17—An Opportune Time: Corrupt Imagination and Distorted Lives
Chapter 18—Hiding, Finding and Breaking: One Man’s Journey to Breaking the Intergenerational Cycle of Violence
Chapter 19—Let these be Hands that Bless

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