Finding a Way to the Heart TABLE OF CONTENTS



Ch 1: “All These Stories About Women:” Many Tender Ties and a New Fur Trade History by Jennifer S.H. Brown

Ch 2: Sylvia Van Kirk: A Feminist Appreciation of Front-line Work in the Academy by Franca Iacovetta

Ch 3: Daring to Write a History of Western Canadian Women’s Experiences: Assessing Sylvia Van Kirk Feminist Scholarship by Valerie J. Korinek

Ch 4: Ties Across the Border by Elizabeth Jameson

Ch 5: Historiography that Breaks Your Heart: Van Kirk and the Writing of Feminist History by Adele Perry

Ch 6: Beyond the Borders: The “Founding Families” of Southern New Zealand by Angela Wanhalla

Ch 7: Multicultural Bands on the Northern Plains and the Notion of “Tribal” Histories by Robert Alexander Innes

Ch 8: “A World We Have Lost:” The Plural Society of Fort Chipewyan by Patricia A. McCormack

Ch 9: Others or Brothers? Competing Settler and Anishinabe Discourses about Race in Upper Canada by Robin Jarvis Brownlie

Ch 10: Attitudes Toward “Miscegenation” in Canada, the U.S., New Zealand, and Australia, 1860–1914 by Victoria Freeman

Ch 11: Home Tales: Gender, Domesticity and Colonialism in the Prairie West, 1870–1900 by Kathryn McPherson

Ch 12: “I am a proud Anishinaabe Kwe:” Issues of Identity and Status in Northern Ontario after Bill C-31 by Katrina Srigley

Selected Bibliography

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