First Nations Gaming TABLE OF CONTENTS

Legal Historical Issues
1: Toward an Innovative Understanding of North American Indigenous Gaming in Historical Perspective, Yale D. Belanger
2: The Mohawks of Kahnawa:ke and the Case for an Aboriginal Right to Gaming under the Canadian Constitution Act, 1982, Morden C. Lazarus, Edwin D. Monzon & Richard B. Wodnicki
3: Virtual Sovereignty? Assessing Canadian First Nations Internet Gambling Ventures, Yale D. Belanger & Robert J. Williams

Socioeconomic & Research Considerations
4: A Framework for Assessing the Socioeconomic Impacts of Gambling, Robert J. Williams 5: Gambling Research in Canadian Aboriginal Communities: A Participatory Action Approach, Harold J. Wynne
6: Exploring Gambling Impacts in Two Alberta Cree Communities: A Participatory Action Study, Garry J. Smith, Cheryl L. Currie, James Battle
7: First Nations Gaming and Urban Aboriginal Peoples: Does an Economic ‘Fit’ Exist?, Yale D. Belanger

8: Gambling and Problem Gambling in North American Aboriginal People, Robert J. Williams, Rhys M.G. Stevens, & Gary Nixon
9: Exploring Gambling Behaviours among Aboriginal Peoples: A Critical Socioecological Model, Sharon Yanicki, David Gregory, & Bonnie Lee

Challenges & First Nations Gaming
10: A First Nations Approach to Securing Public Trust: SIGA’s Corporate Response to the Dutch Lerat Affair, 2000-2004, Yale D. Belanger
11: Casino Rama: Aboriginal Self-Determination, Neoliberal Solution or Partial Middle Ground?, Darrell Manitowabi
12: Labour Unions and First Nations Casinos: An Uneasy Relationship, Yale D. Belanger

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