Ch 1 “Strike or Revolution” Redux: The Historiography of the Winnipeg General
Ch 2 In the Water: Race, Empire, and the Winnipeg General Strike
Ch 3 From Patriotism to Insurgency: The Shifting Allegiances of Winnipeg 1919’s Striker-Soldiers
Ch 4 Winnipeg Jews and the General Strike: “Adapt to the Institutions and the Manners of the Country”
Ch 5 The Edmonton General Strike
Ch 6 The Winnipeg General Strike in the Crowsnest Pass
Ch 7 Montréal’s Civil War: The Municipal Workers’ Strike of 1918
Ch 8 “Justice and Not Charity Should Be Your Demand!”: Montréal’s Unemployed and the Workers’ Revolt
Ch 9 The Kansas City General Strike: Wartime Solidarity in the American Midwest
Ch 10 The Seattle General Strike: Five Days that Matter
Ch 11 The Storm Before the Calm: Social and Political Upheaval in the Western Hemisphere
Ch 12 The Rural Nothing Worth Monkey Police, or the Winnipeg Origins of 100 Years of Canadian State Spying on Labour and the Left
Ch 13 Not by Repression Alone: Defeating the Workers’ Revolt by False Promises of Reform
Ch 14 Remembering 1919: Commemoration and the Winnipeg General Strike
Ch 15 Putting History to Work: Public History and Commemoration
Ch 16 The Winnipeg General Strike in the Twenty-First Century

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