Grasslands Grown TABLE OF CONTENTS

Introduction: Looking Northwest from La Vérendrye Hill

Ch 1: Parents’ Choice: Taking Root on the Northern Grasslands

Ch 2: Small Worlds: Animal Friends, Foes, and Place Rhythms

Ch 3: Sensing Grasses, Grains, Waters, Woods, Rocks, and Snow

Ch 4: “The Purple Hills Beckoned”: Growing Up, Travel, Education, and Region

Ch 5: “Old Woman Who Never Dies” and “Old Man’s Garden”: Settler and Indigenous Relations Over the Generations

Ch 6: “All is so still—so big, I scarce can speak”: New Literature and Settler Society Aesthetics

Ch 7: “Surely Grass Is the Great Mother of All Plains Agriculture”: Agricultural Adaptation and Grasslands Conservation

Ch 8: “All that Vast Region of Grass Land”: The United States, Canada, and Changing Cultural Geography

Conclusion: Looking Across the Line from the Prairies and Plains

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