Foreword, Terry Sargeant
Intro: Built on the Back of the Turtle: Reflections on How Hydroelectric Dams Have Changed Landscapes, Aimée Craft and Jill Blakley
Part 1: The Evolution of Hydroelectric Development in Northern Manitoba,
Ch: 1 When Dreams and Markets Collide: Regulatory Gaps and the Keeyask Generating Station, _Byron Williams
Ch: 2 Concrete Impulse: A Critique of the Pro-Keeyask Narrative, Will Braun
Community Voices– “Born Into Debt: Wuskwatim”, Ramona Neckoway
Ch: 3 The Augmented Flow Program: Impacts on South Indian Lake,_ Asfia Gulrukh Kamal, Joseph Dipple, Steve Ducharme, and Leslie Dysart_
Part 2: Impacts of Hydroelectric Development in Northern Manitoba
Community Voices – “The Hurt I Carry With Me”, Robert Spence
Ch: 4 The Keeyask Project: “No Significant Cumulative Effects?”, Jill Blakley and Bram Noble
Ch: 5 Divergent Worldviews and Environmental Assessment, James P. Robson
Community Voices – “What Happened in Fox Lake”,_ Conway Arthurson_
Ch: 6 “The Flooders” and “the Cree”: Challenging the Hydro Metanarrative Using Achimowinak Stories, Agnieszka Pawlowska-Mainville in Conversation with Noah Massan
Community Voices – “What About the Sturgeon?”, Robert Spence
Ch: 7 Beavers, Sturgeon and Terns: How River Regulation Can Affect Aquatic and Riparian Ecosystems in Northern Manitoba,_ Anette Luttermann_
Ch: 8 The Conservation of Caribou: Matters of Space, Time, and Scale, James A. Schaefer
Ch: 9 Connections and Disconnections: A Review of the Regional Cumulative Effects, Jill Blakley
Community Voices – “We Are the Family”, Trapline 15 Family
Part 3: Partnership Building and Hydroelectric Development
Ch: 10 The Honour of the Crown and Hydroelectric Development in Manitoba, Aimée Craft
Community Voices – “Act of God”, Robert Spence
Ch: 11 Social License, Consent, and the Keeyask Project, Joseph Dipple
Ch: 12 The Keeyask Model from a Community Economic Development Perspective, Jerry Buckland and Melanie O’Gorman
Part 4: What Is Good Development? Legacy Building in the North
Community Voices: “Hiding from Hydro”, Ovide Mercredi
Ch: 13 The Two-Track Approach: Foundations for Indigenous and Western Frameworks in Environmental Evaluation, Aimée Craft
Community Voices – “The Relation to Our Land”, Trapline 15 Family
Ch: 14 Good Development Should Not End With Environmental Assessment: Adaptive Management in Northern Development, Patricia Fitzpatrick, Alan P. Diduck, and James P. Robson
Ch: 15 Will There Be Lasting Gains? Sustainability Assessment, Keeyask, and the Manitoba Power System Plan, Kyrke Gaudreau and Robert B. Gibson
Conclusion – Pathways to a Better Legacy of Development in Northern Manitoba, Jill Blakley and Aimée Craft

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