Indigenous Celebrity TABLE OF CONTENTS

Introduction – Indigeneity, Celebrity, and Fame: Accounting for Colonialism

Ch. 1—Mino-Waawiindaganeziwin: What Does Indigenous Celebrity Mean within Anishinaabeg Contexts?

Ch. 2—Empowering Voices from the Past: The Playing Experiences of Retired Pasifika Rugby League Athletes in Australia

Ch. 3—My Mom, The ‘Military Mohawk Princess’: Kahntinetha Horn Through the Lens of Indigenous Female Celebrity

Ch. 4—Indigenous Activism and Celebrity: Negotiating Access, Expectation, and Obligation

Ch. 5—Rags-to-Riches and Other Fairytales: Indigenous Celebrity in Australia 1950-1980

Ch. 6—“Pretty Boy” Trudeau vs. the “Algonquin Agitator”: Hitting the Ropes of Canadian Colonialist Masculinities

Ch. 7—Famous “Last” Speakers: Celebrity and Erasure in Media Coverage of Indigenous Language Endangerment

Ch. 8—Celebrity in Absentia: Situating the Indigenous of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands in the Indian Social Imaginary

Ch. 9—Marvin Rainwater and the Pale Faced Indian: How Cover Songs Appropriated a Story of Cultural Appropriation

Ch. 10—Collectivity as Indigenous Anti-Celebrity: Global Indigeneity and the Indigenous Rights Movement

Ch. 11—Makings, Meanings, and Recognitions: The Stuff of Anishinaabe Stars

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