Inuit Stories of Being and Rebirth TABLE OF CONTENTS

Ch. 1—Savviurtalik is Reincarnated

Ch. 2—Inuit Genesis and the Desire for Children

Ch. 3—‘Big Belly’

Ch. 4—Incestuous Moon Brother chases Sun Sister

Ch. 5—A Headstrong Daughter

Ch. 6—A Cheated Husband

Ch. 7—Girls Should not Play at Marriage

Ch. 8—A Battered Wife

Ch. 9—Walrus Skin, a Mistreated Orphan, Rescued by the Moon Man

Ch. 10—The Danger of Being Impregnated by a Spirit

Ch. 11—The First Woman Healer

Ch. 12—The Strange Man and His Whale

Ch. 13—Atanaarjuat, The Fast Runner, a Mythical Hero

Ch. 14—Aaguttaaluk, the Cannibal Forebear

Ch. 15—Qisaruatsiaq, Back to Her Mother’s Womb

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