Inventing the Thrifty Gene TABLE OF CONTENTS

Introduction: Underserviced and Over-Studied

Ch 1: On the Origins of Thrifty Genes: Charles Darwin and The H.M.S. Beagle

Ch 2: ‘The Operation of Being Civilized’: Sir Francis Bond Head the Foundations of Federal Indian Policy

Ch 3: Studied to Death: Chief Medical Officers and the Scientization of Federal Indian Policy

Ch 4: The Marrow Thief: James V. Neel and the Invention of the Thrifty Gene

Ch 5: Chief Fiddler’s Measured Response: The University of Toronto Sioux Lookout Project, 1969-1989

Ch 6: The Reinvention of the Thrifty Gene and the Sandy Lake Health and Diabetes Project

Conclusion: The Rocks of Josias Fiddler

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