Kayanerenkó:wa TABLE OF CONTENTS

About Names
Ohe’n:ton Karihwatékwen: Words Before All Else

Part I—Context
The Land
The Longhouse and the Village
The Haudenosaunee
Personal Names
The Date of the Creation of the League

Part II—The Nature of the Law: Principles and Processes
Principles, Not Details
Versions, Names, and Quotations
Oral Tradition and the Rememberers
The Power of Song: The Song of Peace
One Family
Helping One Another
The Structure of the Law
Certainty and Constancy
Confrontation Is a Last Resort

Part III—Bringing the Great Peace
Patterns and Principles in the Narrative
The Peacemaker
Why His Name Is Not Spoken
The Peacemaker Meets His Own People First
The White Stone Canoe
The Man Without a Nation, Without a Family
Mindless Warfare
The Peacemaker and the Cannibal
Announcing Peace
Skaniatariio John Arthur Gibson’s 1899 Version
Tsikonsaseh: The Women’s Side
Hiawatha: The Man of Sorrows
The First Condolence
The Three Words: Peace, Power, and Righteousness
From Individuals to Nations
Mohawk: Testing the Peacemaker
Tekarihoken, Hiawatha, and Satekariwateh: The First Mohawk Chiefs
Oneida: Odatsehte
Removing Distractions: Opening the Path and Keeping It Open
Standing and Walking
Onondaga: Thadadaho
Over the Woods: Haii Haii
The Pacification of Thadadaho
Thadadaho’s Political Interests
The Fire
The Power of Unity
Seneca: The Doorkeepers
One Mind: Ska’níkon:ra
Unity Is Power

Part IV—The Constitution
The Longhouse of One Family
Older and Younger Brothers
Onondaga Longhouse
The Line Down the Middle of the Longhouse
Calling Council
Procedure in Council
Thick Skins
Mentors of the People
The Chiefs: Permanence of Titles
The Cluster: Chief, Clan Mother, Sub-Chief, Faithkeepers, Runner
Clan Mothers
Criteria for Becoming a Chief
Raising Up Chiefs
The Women: Landholders and Clanholders
The Circle of Protection of the Law
Leaving the Circle
Calling People Home
Symbols of the Law
The Tree of Peace
The Great White Wampum
The Eagle
The Dish with One Spoon: Sharing the Hunting Grounds
Linking Arms Together
The Council Fire
The Rod or Staff
The Wing
No Council after Dark
The Birds in the Branches
Considering the Coming Seven Generations
Life Terms
Head Chiefs?
Specific Chiefs Have Specific Duties
When a Chief Dies
Removing a Chief
The Right of Revolution
War and Peace
The Weakness of the Council
Dealing with the “Warriors
The Ceremonies: Spiritual Authority and Obligation
The Mother’s Line
Citizenship and Immigration
The Right of Refuge
Nations Leave, Nations Return
Pine Tree Chiefs
Local or Village Chiefs
Maintenance and Renewal
Amendment: Adding to the Rafters
Prophecy: Things Will Go Wrong
And in the End


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