Place and Replace TABLE OF CONTENTS

Ch 1: Erasing and Replacing: Property and Homestead Rights of First Nations Farmers of Manitoba and the Northwest, 1870s –1910s. Sarah Carter.
Ch 2: Murdoch v. Murdoch: Feminism, Property and the Prairie Farm in the 1970s. Pernille Jakobsen.
Ch 3: Examining the Future of First Nation Agriculture by Exploring the Implications of the Manitoba Indian Agricultural Program. Bret Nickels.

Trails, Trains, and Airplanes
Ch 4: On the Trail of the March West: The North West Mounted Police in Western Canadian Historical Memory. Amanda Nettelbeck and Robert Foster.
Ch 5: Preventing the Loss of Imported Labour: Trains, Migrants, and the Development of the Canadian West. Lisa Chilton.
Ch 6: Railways, Racism and Chineseness on the Prairies. Alison R. Marshall.
Ch 7: Trains, Text, and Time: The Emigration of Canadian Mennonites to Latin America,1922-1948. Royden Loewen.
Ch 8: Home Away from Home?: Diaspora in Canada and the Zimbabwean Funeral. Joyce M. Chadya.

Books and Films
Ch 9: The Importance of Place: Or, Why We’re Not Post-Prairie. Alison Calder.
Ch 10: For the Love of Place – Not Just Any Place – Selected Metis Writings. Emma LaRocque.
Ch 11: Little Ukraine on the Prairie: “Baba” in English-language Ukrainian Canadian Literature. Lindy Ledohowski.
Ch 12: Embodying Family Values: Imaginary Bodies, the Canadian Medical Association Journal and Heterosexuality in Western Canada. Heather Stanley.
Ch 13: Mapping Out the Cultural Presence of Francophones in the West via the Re-visioning of Louis Riel and Gabrielle Roy in NFB Film Adaptations. Elspeth Tulloch.

Parks, Towns, and Polls
Ch 14: Badlands and Bones: Towards a Conservation and Social History of Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta. Sterling Evans.
Ch 15: Prairie Towns: Process and Form. Beverly A. Sandalack.
Ch 16: Defining Prairie Politics: Campaigns, Codes, and Cultures. Jared J. Wesley.

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