Planning for Rural Resilience TABLE OF CONTENTS

Introduction—Setting the Stage by Wayne Caldwell, Erica Ferguson, Émanuèle Lapierre-Fortin, and Jennifer Ball

Chapter 1—Building Community Resilience in Huron County: Lessons from the 2011 Goderich Tornado by Susanna Reid

Chapter 2—Policy and Green Infrastructure: Planning in Response to Climate Change and Peak Oil by Paul Kraehling and Wayne Caldwell

Chapter 3 —Planning with Nature: Experiences at the Grassroots Level by Paul Kraehling and Wayne Caldwell

Chapter 4—Increasing Energy Costs, Climate Change, and Personal Transportation in Rural Ontario by Eric Marr

Chapter 5—Eden Mills, Going Carbon Neutral: Case Study of a Community Approach by By Émanuèle Lapierre-Fortin, Wayne Caldwell, and John F. Devlin, with Chris White

Chapter 6—The Transition Response: Practical Resilience Strategies by Émanuèle Lapierre-Fortin, Wayne Caldwell, John F. Devlin, and Sally Ludwig

Chapter 7—The Changing Face of Agriculture: Case Studies of Organizations Building a New Future for Food by Erica Ferguson

Chapter 8—One Farmer’s Approach to Building Resilience by Tony McQuail

Chapter 9—Practical Response: Options for Agriculture by Margaret Graves, Bill Deen, Evan Fraser, and Ralph C. Martin

Chapter 10—Rural Sustainability by Christopher Bryant

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