Recipes and Reciprocity TABLE OF CONTENTS

Ch 1: Momo Parties: Crafting Dumplings, Knowledge, and Identity in the Field
Ch 2: Poppycock and Puffed Rice: Recipe Knowledge in Thai Buddhist communities
Ch 3: Drinking Tea in Napal
Ch 4: Bannock: Using a Contested Bread to Understand Indigenous and Settler Relations and Ways Forward within Canada
Ch 5: Evolution and Revolution: Haudenosaunee Histories and Stories of Sustenance and Survival
Ch 6: Our Soup Tells Stories: Kitchen Table Conversations About the Connections, Creations and Traditions of Soup Sharing
Ch 7: Making and Eating Chipa and Mbejú in Rural Paraguay
Ch 8: Preparing Rice in Contemporary Japan
Ch 9: Malawian Small Fry
Ch 10: I Serve You and We Serve Each Other—Honouring the Reciprocity of Métis Relationships in Research

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