Settlement, Subsistence, and Change Among the Labrador Inuit TABLE OF CONTENTS

Ch 1: Labrador Inuit Ingenuity and Resourcefulness: Adapting to a Complex
Environmental, Social, and Spiritual Environment by Susan A. Kaplan

Ch 2: Invented Places: Environmental Imaginaries and the Inuit Colonization of
Labrador by Peter Whitridge

Ch 3: Southern Exposure: The Inuit of Sandwich Bay, Labrador by Lisa Rankin,
Matthew Beaudoin, and Natalie Brewster

Ch 4: Abandoned and Ousted by the State: The Relocations from Nutak and
Hebron, 1956–1959 by Peter Evans

Ch 5: Tracing Social Change Among the Labrador Inuit: What Does the Nutrition
Literature Tell Us? by Maura Hanrahan

Ch 6: The More Things Change: Patterns of Country Food Harvesting by the
Labrador Inuit on the North Labrador Coast by Lawrence Felt, David C.
Natcher, Andrea Procter, et al.

Ch 7: The Social Organization of Wildfood Production in Postville, Nunatsiavut,
by David C. Natcher, Lawrence Felt, Jill McDonald, and Rose Ford

Ch 8: Nunatsiavut Land Claims and the Politics of Inuit Wildlife Harvesting by
Andrea Procter

Ch 9: Adapting to Climate Change in Hopedale, Nunatsiavut by Laura Fleming,
Ruth DeSantis, and Barry Smit

Ch 10: Our Beautiful Land: Current Debates in Land Use Planning in Nunatsiavut
by Andrea Procter and Keith Chaulk

Conclusion: Going Forward, Challenges and Opportunities for Nunatsiavut Self-governance
by Lawrence Felt, David C. Natcher, and Andrea Procter

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