The Arts of Indigenous Health and Well-Being TABLE OF CONTENTS

Ch 1: What This Pouch Holds

Ch 2: Baskets, Birchbark Scrolls, and Maps of Land: Indigenous Making Practices as Oral Historiography

Ch 3: For Kaydence and her Cousins: Health and Happiness in Cultural Legacies and Contemporary Contexts

Ch 4: Stories and Staying Power: Art-Making as (Re)Source of Cultural Resilience and Well-Being for Panniqtumiut

Ch 5: Healthy Connections: Facilitators’ Perceptions of Programming Linking Arts and Wellness with Indigenous Youth

Ch 6: Narrating Relations: Genetic Ancestry Testing and Alternarratives of Queer Kinship

Ch 7: The Doubleness of Sound in Canada’s Indian Residential Schools

Ch 8 Kissed by Lightning: Mediating Haudenosaunee Traditional Teachings through Film

Ch 9: Minobimaadiziwinke (Creating a Good Life): Native Bodies Healing

Ch 10: Body Counts: War, Pesticides and Queer Spirituality in Cherríe Moraga’s Heroes and Saints

Ch 11: “The Song of the Starved Soul”

Ch 12 Sakihiwawin: Land’s Overflow into the space-tial “Otherwise”

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