Understanding the Manitoba Election 2019 TABLE OF CONTENTS


Introduction: Snap Election, Uninspired Campaign? by Karine Levasseur and Andrea Rounce

Ch. 1—The Progressive Conservatives by Kelly Saunders

Ch. 2—The New Democratic Party by Rory Henry

Ch. 3—The Manitoba Liberal Party by Allen Mills

Ch. 4—Political Leaders and the Media by Mary Agnes Welch

Ch. 5—Polling in the 2019 Manitoba Election: An Assessment by Christopher Adams

Ch. 6—Billboards and Racial Tension: The 2019 Election by Kiera L. Ladner and Dane E.H. Monkman

Ch. 7—Voter Turnout by Curtis Brown

Ch. 8—Winnipeg and the Election: A City in Limbo by Aaron A. Moore

Ch. 9—Women and the 2019 Manitoba Election by Joan Grace

Ch. 10—Health Policy in the Context of the Manitoba Election by Alan Katz

Ch. 11—Income Security and the 2019 Manitoba Election: Shifting Rhetoric, But Still Waiting for Real Change by James P. Mulvale

Ch. 12— Unions and the 2019 Manitoba Election by Jesse Hajer

Ch. 13—The Unbalanced Rhetoric of Balanced Budgets by Shreya Ghimire

Conclusion: Snap Election, Flat Campaign, Clear Results by Barry Ferguson and Royce Koop

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