Native Studies Colloquium: Did You See Us?

Did You See Us? Reunion, Remembrance, and Reclamation at an Urban Indian Residential School

A discussion with Ted Fontaine, Assiniboia Residential School Survivor, and editor Dr. Andrew Woolford.

Come join our weekly UMNATV colloquium panel discussing and visiting with some of the best speakers, leaders, and researchers in Indigenous Studies on Turtle Island!

Information on the book:

The Assiniboia school is unique within Canada’s Indian Residential School system. It was the first residential high school in Manitoba and one of the only residential schools in Canada to be located in a large urban setting. Operating between 1958 and 1973 in a period when the residential school system was in decline, it produced several future leaders, artists, educators, knowledge keepers, and other notable figures. It was in many ways an experiment within the broader destructive framework of Canadian residential schools. Stitching together memories of arrival at, day-to-day life within, and departure from the school with a socio-historical reconstruction of the school and its position in both Winnipeg and the larger residential school system, Did You See Us? offers a glimpse of Assiniboia that is not available in the archival records. It connects readers with a specific residential school and illustrates that residential schools were often complex spaces where forced assimilation and Indigenous resilience co-existed.


Ted Fontaine is an author and a representative of The Assiniboia Residential School Legacy Group, a non-profit organization with a mandate to: honour the legacy of the Assiniboia Residential School through commemorative and educational activities; promote positive and reconciliatory relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people; foster awareness, understanding, and healing; feature culture and language as interpreted and presented by the Survivors of the Residential School.

Dr. Andrew Woolford is a professor of sociology at the University of Manitoba and the author of This Benevolent Experiment: Indigenous Boarding Schools, Genocide, and Redress in the United States and Canada.

Winter 2021 Colloquium (online only)
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