Ideas Unbound

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As a part of the AAUP’s University Press Week, November 10-16, we submitted Keavy Martin’s Stories in a New Skin, for the Ideas Unbound, which showcases projects that exemplify innovation in scholarly publishing.

Here’s why we thought it was worthy:

Winner of the 2012 Gabrielle Roy Prize, Stories in a New Skin explores Arctic literary traditions to reveal a path into Inuit literary criticism. Looking at a range of genres and historical periods, it shows that Inuit texts constitute an autonomous and vibrant literary tradition.

University of Manitoba Press is committed to publishing books that explore new areas in Native studies and Aboriginal history. This groundbreaking and award-winning book is the first to consider Inuit literature on its own terms. In the words of the prize jury, “Stories in a New Skin radically shifts academic understandings about the nature and location of knowledge. This book is not about expanding familiar canons, but about changing the ways we read.”