• Made in Manitoba: Art and Photography Book Bundle: 30% Off!

    These richly illustrated books showcase Manitoban history, culture, and art.

    Enjoy award-winning filmmaker John Paskievich’s photographs of Winnipeg’s North End, Patricia Bovey’s engrossing survey of Don Proch’s astonishing body of work, and the groundbreaking biography of Pauline Boutal by Louise Duguay. Get all three titles together and receive 30% off!

  • Food for Thought Book Bundle: 30% Off!

    You are what you read! Satisfy your appetite for research around food systems, recipe sharing, labour history, snack companies, and collaboration with these delectable interdisciplinary volumes on food studies. Order all three together to get 30% off!

  • Healing Journeys Book Bundle: 30% Off!

    This book bundle celebrates stories of Indigenous joy and well-being, demonstrating the ways that creative expression and artistic vision support cultural resilience and recovery. Rene Meshake’s powerful Anishinaabe poetics, Ma-Nee Chacaby’s insightful account of overcoming hardship with humour and compassion, and the diverse scholarship presented in The Arts of Indigenous Health and Well-Being showcase how Indigenous knowledges and artistic agency push back against the disruption and trauma of colonialism. Enjoy this collection at 30% off.

  • Environment and the Land Book Bundle: 30% Off!

    This book bundle examines conversations around environment and the land which prioritize and centre Indigenous perspectives. Order these three books together and enjoy 30% off!

  • Winnipeg Trilogy Bundle: 30% Off!

    Get all three entries in the late Jim Blanchard’s Winnipeg Trilogy for 30% off!

    Author and good friend of the Press, Jim Blanchard served as president of both the Manitoba Library Association and the Manitoba Historical Society. Prior to joining the U of M Libraries, he was director of the provincial Public Library Services, where he was a tireless advocate for library accessibility for citizens in rural and northern Manitoba. He was head of reference services at Elizabeth Dafoe Library for over 20 years and enjoyed assisting students immensely. In 2019, Jim was awarded the Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Historical Preservation and Promotion.

    We celebrate Jim’s life and work. His three titles make great gifts for new and longtime Winnipeggers and local history buffs.