• Life Among the Qallunaat Sanaaq Nitinikiau Innusi

    Elders’ Stories Bundle: 30% Off!

    June Halliday described Sanaaq as “an Elder’s gift from the young woman who wrote over the span of her lifetime, to educate and inspire those who have long passed, those of us in this present moment, and those not yet born.”

    We think all three of these books, set in Canada’s north in Inuit and Innu communities, are Elders’ gifts, so we we’re giving you 30% off!

  • Indigenous Men and Masculinities Ubuntu Relational Love Masculindians

    Indigenous Masculinity Bundle: 30% Off!

    Three groundbreaking books that look at aspects of Indigenous masculinity.

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  • Pauline Boutal No Man’s Land Don Proch

    Manitoba Artist Bundle: 30% Off!

    Enjoy 30% off these titles now, focusing on the life and work of three Manitoba Artists: Mary Riter-Hamilton, Pauline Boutal, and Don Proch.

    Beautiful printed by Friesens, with full-colour reproductions of artwork, these books focus on what it means to be a Manitoba artist.

  • Winnipeg 1912 Winnipeg’s Great War A Diminished Roar

    Winnipeg Trilogy Bundle: 30% Off!

    Get all three entries in Jim Blanchard’s Winnipeg Trilogy for 30% off!

    Jim Blanchard recently retired as Head of Reference Services at Elizabeth Dafoe Library at the University of Manitoba and was named Librarian Emeritus in 2016. He is a former president of the Manitoba Historical Society and the Manitoba Library Association.

    Christian Cassidy, the West End Winnipegger, blogger, columnist, and local history buff, recommends Blanchard’s books to anyone interested in Winnipeg history: “They’re well researched, interesting to read, with great anecdotes. They cover arguably the most important decades in Winnipeg’s early years.”