• Compelled to ActIn Good RelationDetroit’s Hidden ChannelsLife Stages and Native Women

    International Women’s Day Book Bundle: 40% Off!

    This book bundle explores women’s histories, knowledges, activism, and experiences. Order these four books together and enjoy 40% off!

  • From the Tundra to the TrenchesSounding ThunderFor King and Kanata

    Indigenous Veterans Book Bundle: 30% Off!

    The contributions and sacrifices of Indigenous veterans who served in the Canadian military are presented in this book bundle. It includes Eddy Weetaltuk’s gripping memoir, which describes his fifteen years of military service, Timothy C. Winegard’s groundbreaking study on the experiences of Indigenous soldiers who joined the Canadian Expeditionary Force during WWI, and Brian McInnes’s insightful look into the life of Francis Pegahmagabow, one of the most decorated Indigenous soldiers in Canadian history. Order these three books together and enjoy 30% off!

  • The Patriotic ConsensusWinnipeg’s Great WarFor All We Have and Are

    Wartime on the Home Front Book Bundle: 30% Off!

    WWI and WWII transformed the prairie cities of Regina and Winnipeg politically and economically, both unifying social movements and amplifying cultural divisions. This book bundle brings together two in-depth explorations of the wartime experiences of Winnipeggers during the First and Second World War and examines the movements that gained momentum in Regina during World War I. This comprehensive book bundle is available for 30% off.

  • Did You See Us?A Knock on the DoorA National Crime (2017)

    Residential Schools Book Bundle: 30% Off!

    The painful legacy of Indian Residential Schools continues today, and shining a light on this history is an essential task for everyone living in present-day Canada.

    This book bundle brings together stories from survivors of the Assiniboia Residential School, a collection that draws from reports from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, and one of the first in-depth studies of the history of residential schools. This comprehensive book bundle is available for 30% off.

  • DammedNitinikiau InnusiThe Politics of the Canoe

    Environment and the Land Book Bundle: 30% Off!

    This book bundle examines conversations around environment and the land which prioritize and centre Indigenous perspectives. Order these three books together and enjoy 30% off!

  • Rooster TownRekindling the Sacred FireDefining Métis

    Métis Book Bundle: 30% Off!

    As we mark Indigenous History Month here in the homeland of the Métis Nation, this book bundle celebrates the voices and histories of Métis communities. Enjoy this collection at 30% off.

    This book bundle brings various aspects of Métis history and culture together, including Métis relationships with spirituality on the Canadian prairies, an examination of how the category of Métis was developed among Catholic missionaries in what is now northwestern Saskatchewan, and the history of Rooster Town – a community rooted in kinship, culture, and historical circumstance, whose residents existed unofficially in the cracks of municipal bureaucracy, while navigating the legacy of settler colonialism and the demands of modernity and urbanization.

  • The Politics of the CanoeThrashing SeasonsWinnipeg Beach

    Sports & Recreation Bundle: 30% Off!

    In preparation for active and warmer days ahead, enjoy 30% off these titles now!

    Praise for The Politics of the Canoe, available Spring 2021:

    “An engaging study of where the canoe finds itself in post Truth and Reconciliation Commission Canada. From being coopted and used by settlers as a symbol of Canadian nationalism, this collection of essays from academics, activists, and community leaders demonstrates how the canoe has been reclaimed by Indigenous people and is being used as a powerful tool for to build Indigenous sovereignty and heal communities.”

    – Dale Barbour, Department of History, Brandon University

  • Life Among the QallunaatSanaaqNitinikiau Innusi

    Elders’ Stories Bundle: 30% Off!

    June Halliday described Sanaaq as “an Elder’s gift from the young woman who wrote over the span of her lifetime, to educate and inspire those who have long passed, those of us in this present moment, and those not yet born.”

    We think all three of these books, set in Canada’s north in Inuit and Innu communities, are Elders’ gifts, so we we’re giving you 30% off!