New and Forthcoming

  • Lives Lived, Lives Imagined

    Landscapes of Resilience in the Works of Miriam Toews

    Sabrina Reed (Author)

    A celebration of fiction’s ability to brave oppression. Read more »

  • AboriginalTM

    The Cultural and Economic Politics of Recognition

    Jennifer Adese (Author)

    Discussions of Indigenous identity, authenticity, and agency. Read more »

  • Medicare’s Histories

    Origins, Omissions, and Opportunities in Canada

    Esyllt W. Jones (Editor), James Hanley (Editor), Delia Gavrus (Editor)

    What was – and is – possible in health care. Read more »

  • In Our Backyard

    Keeyask and the Legacy of Hydroelectric Development

    Aimée Craft (Editor), Jill Blakley (Editor)

    The story of the Keeyask dam and the Nelson River from the perspective of Indigenous peoples. Read more »

  • The Arts of Indigenous Health and Well-Being

    Nancy Van Styvendale (Editor), J.D. McDougall (Editor), Robert Henry (Editor), Robert Alexander Innes (Editor)

    Art for life’s sake. Read more »

  • Gifts from Amin

    Ugandan Asian Refugees in Canada

    Shezan Muhammedi (Author)

    Refugee resettlement and resilience. Read more »

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