New and Forthcoming

  • I Will Live for Both of Us

    A History of Colonialism, Uranium Mining, and Inuit Resistance

    Joan Scottie (Author), Warren Bernauer (Author), Jack Hicks (Author)

    A reflection on political and environmental history and a call for a future in which Inuit traditional laws and values are upheld. Read more »

  • Stored in the Bones cover

    Stored in the Bones

    Safeguarding Indigenous Living Heritages

    Agnieszka Pawłowska-Mainville (Author)

    A new tool for preserving Indigenous cultural heritages. Read more »

  • The Honourable John Norquay

    Indigenous Premier, Canadian Statesman

    Gerald Friesen (Author)

    The life and times of the Premier from Red River Read more »

  • Legends of the Capilano

    E. Pauline Johnson (Author), Joe Capilano (Author), Mary Agnes Capilano (Author), Alix Shield (Editor)

    Bringing the legends home with this update on E. Pauline Johnson’s 1911 classic. Read more »

  • The Art of Ectoplasm

    Encounters with Winnipeg’s Ghost Photographs

    Serena Keshavjee (Editor)

    The legacy of the Hamiltons’ psychic archive. Read more »

  • Plundering the North

    A History of Settler Colonialism, Corporate Welfare, and Food Insecurity

    Kristin Burnett (Author), Travis Hay (Author)

    The manufacturing of a chronic food crisis. Read more »

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  • September 27th, 2023

    Laughing Back at Empire Book Launch

    On September 27, Angie Wong is launching Laughing Back at Empire on Wednesday, September 27, 7:00pm at Shelf Life Books. This exciting new book is a ground-breaking examination of The Asianadian, one of Canada’s first anti-racist, anti-sexist, and anti-homophobic magazines.

  • October 21st, 2023

    Letters with Smokie Launch

    Please join Rod Michalko and Dan Goodley for the launch of their book Letters with Smokie.

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