New & Forthcoming Titles

  • Sounding Thunder

    The Stories of Francis Pegahmagabow

    Brian D. McInnes (Author)

    The stories of Canada’s most decorated Indigenous soldier. Read more »

  • Indigenous Homelessness

    Perspectives from Canada, Australia, and New Zealand

    Evelyn Peters (Editor), Julia Christensen (Editor)

    “They don’t let us look after each other as we used to…” Read more »

  • A Land Not Forgotten

    Indigenous Food Security and Land-Based Practices in Northern Ontario

    Michael A. Robidoux (Editor), Courtney W. Mason (Editor)

    Reclaiming food security and community health. Read more »

  • Holocaust Survivors in Canada

    Exclusion, Inclusion, Transformation, 1947-1955

    Adara Goldberg (Author)

    A watershed period in Canadian Jewish history. Read more »

  • Decolonizing Employment

    Aboriginal Inclusion in Canada’s Labour Market

    Shauna MacKinnon (Author)

    How do we include one of Canada’s fastest growing populations in a job market they have essentially been denied access to? Read more »

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