New and Forthcoming Titles

  • Settler City Limits

    Indigenous Resurgence and Colonial Violence in the Urban Prairie West

    Heather Dorries (Editor), Robert Henry (Editor), David Hugill (Editor), Tyler McCreary (Editor), Julie Tomiak (Editor)

    Urban Indigenous resistance and resurgence. Read more »

  • Words of the Inuit

    A Semantic Stroll through a Northern Culture

    Louis-Jacques Dorais (Author)

    Words illuminating culture. Read more »

  • Pathways of Reconciliation

    Indigenous and Settler Approaches to Implementing the TRC’s Calls to Action

    Aimée Craft (Editor), Paulette Regan (Author)

    How can we participate in reconciliation? Read more »

  • Decolonizing Discipline

    Children, Corporal Punishment, Christian Theologies, and Reconciliation

    Valerie Michaelson (Editor), Joan Durrant (Editor)

    Contesting corporal punishment. Read more »

  • Making Believe

    Questions About Mennonites and Art

    Magdalene Redekop (Author)

    Criticism as gratitude. Read more »

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