New Audiobook Announcement

Letters with Smokie captures an epistolic exchange between disability scholar Dan Goodley and his friend and colleague Rod Michalko—or rather, with Rod’s beloved guide dog, Smokie. Uninhibited by the trappings of traditional academic inquiry, their discussion offers a thoughtful, funny, and refreshing re-imagining of disability. Join the conversation with the new audiobook edition!

Kent Sheridan narrates as Dan Goodley and Allen Sawkins as Smokie.

Kent has been a stage, screen, commercial and voiceover actor for over thirty years. He has appeared in productions of Chicago, Dirty Dancing, and Mamma Mia as well as over 100 TV commercials and voice overs. He has also voiced characters for animation and video games.

Allen is an actor, singer and voice actor living in Vancouver. He’s performed with Theatre Under The Stars, Royal City Musical Theatre Company, and Footlight Theatre.

The Letters with Smokie audiobook provides an unabridged version of the print book, totalling 7 hours and 20 minutes. It is available on Audible, Kobo, Google Play, Hoopla, Overdrive, and Libro.FM.

About the Book

In September 2020, Rod Michalko wrote to friend and colleague Dan Goodley, congratulating him on the release of his latest book, Disability and Other Human Questions. Joking that his late guide dog, Smokie, had taken offense to the suggestion that disability was purely a human question, Michalko shared a few thoughts on behalf of his dog. When Goodley wrote back—to Smokie—so began an insightful exchange that would continue for the next seven months.

Letters with Smokie

Blindness and More-than-Human Relations

Rod Michalko (Author), Dan Goodley (Author)

Letters with Smokie captures an epistolic exchange between Dan Goodley and Rod Michalko, or rather, Rod Michalko's late guide dog, Smokie. A lively exploration of human-animal relationships and disability as disruption, disturbance, and art, the book offers a refreshing re-evaluation of cultural misunderstandings of disability.