George Kenny: "When I Walk Through Her Door"

This poem was among those read by George at the Winnipeg launch of Indians Don’t Cry.

When I Walk Through Her Door

as a house cat rubs
against my pant leg
upon my coming home
after a journey

she comes to me
and though I could
get by without
such welcome

she still does this
every time
when I walk through her door

as a younger sister crying
in the night stops
upon being awakened
from a bad dream

she reaches for me
and though I did not
think of
such a need

she always does this
each time
when I walk through her door

as a nurse helped me
through the time
when I almost died
from a stabbing

she holds me steady
and although I know
I could survive
without such support

even so, she knows
when I need her most
when I walk through her door.

George Kenny