Piecing the Puzzle

The Genesis of AIDS Research in Africa

Larry Krotz (Author)

In 1979, Dr. Allan Ronald, a specialist in infectious diseases from Canada, and Dr. Herbert Nsanze, head of medical microbiology at University of Nairobi, met through the World Health Organization.

Ronald had just completed a successful project that cured a chancroid (genital ulcer) epidemic in Winnipeg and Nsanze asked him to come to Kenya to help with Kenya’s “sexual diseases problem.” That initial invitation led to a groundbreaking international scientific collaboration that would uncover critical pieces in the complex puzzle that became today’s HIV/AIDS pandemic.

In Piecing the Puzzle, journalist and documentary filmmaker Larry Krotz chronicles the fascinating history of the pioneering Kenyan, Canadian, Belgian, and American research team that uncovered HIV/AIDS in Kenya, their scientific breakthroughs and setbacks, and their exceptional thirty-year relationship that began a new era of global health collaboration.


  • NOMINATED, Popular History category, Margaret McWilliams Awards (2012)

About the Author

Larry Krotz has, as writer and filmmaker, explored the ways our actions affect our world from Africa to Canada’s North. He is the author of five books, including Piecing the Puzzle: the Genesis of AIDS Research in AfricaVisit Larry’s website.

Book Details

  • Piecing the Puzzle: The Genesis of AIDS Research in Africa
  • Larry Krotz (Author)
  • Published May 2012, 200 pages
  • Paper, ISBN: 978-0-88755-730-9, 6 × 9, $24.95
  • Topic(s): History, Medical History, Public Policy

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