Notice of Correction

Forum Energy Metals, formerly Forum Uranium, bears no responsibility for the exploration camp mess in the area of Mallery Lake, which was incorrectly attributed to them on page 173 of I Will Live for Both of Us.

Page 173, lines 16 to 17, should read as follows:
I was told we’d be visiting exploration sites, including one operated by a company called Forum Uranium.

Page 173, lines 23 to 29, should read as follows:
The first stop, though, was to an old work site operated by an unknown mining company. We all travelled there in a fixed-wing airplane. I wasn’t very impressed with what I saw when we arrived. The place was a huge mess with cigarette butts, oil cans, drill rods, and old cables littered across the land. It looked like this company had tried to burn some of their garbage, but they didn’t do a good job—there was a lot of half-burned garbage still on the ground. I don’t think the government had done any site inspections in that area.