I Will Live For Both of Us Book Launch—Iqaluit

  • March 2, 2023
  • 7:00pm
  • Nunavut Research Institute, Building 959, Iqaluit

I Will Live for Both of Us

A History of Colonialism, Uranium Mining, and Inuit Resistance

Joan Scottie (Author), Warren Bernauer (Author), Jack Hicks (Author)

Joan Scottie's I Will Live for Both of Us is a reflection on recent political and environmental history and a call for a future in which Inuit traditional laws and values are respected and upheld.

Join Joan Scottie and Jack Hicks for the launch of I Will Live For Both of Us.

The launch will be held at Nunavut Research Institute, Building 959.

Born at a traditional Inuit camp in what is now Nunavut, Joan Scottie has spent decades protecting the Inuit hunting way of life, most famously with her long battle against the uranium mining industry. Twice, Scottie and her community of Baker Lake successfully stopped a proposed uranium mine. Working with geographer Warren Bernauer and social scientist Jack Hicks, in I Will Live for Both of Us, Scottie tells the history of her community’s decades-long fight against uranium mining.

Joan Scottie is an Inuk Elder living in the community of Qamani’tuaq Baker Lake, Nunavut. Joan was born and raised on the land at a traditional Inuit camp. Since the 1980s, she has been a vital voice for Inuit opposition to uranium mining. Joan is a grandmother and avid hunter.

Jack Hicks worked for Inuit organizations for more than thirty years. He is Adjunct Professor in the Department of Community Health and Epidemiology, College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan.