Jody Perrun honoured with Manitoba Day Award

The Manitoba Day Award was established by the Association of Manitoba Archives in 2007 to recognize users of archives who have completed an original work of excellence which contributes to the understanding and celebration of Manitoba history.

This year, at the 9th annual Manitoba Day Award presentation, Jody Perrun will be honoured for his book The Patriotic Consensus. UMP’s Studies in Immigration and Culture series editor Royden Loewen will also be recognized.

When: Wednesday May 27, 7:00 pm
Where: University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections, Fort Garry Campus (330 Elizabeth Dafoe Library)
Cost: Free, but RSVP by May 22 to [email protected]; or 204-942-3491

Light refreshments will be provided. Parking is available at the University Parkade.

The AMA will honour 12 recipients representing 11 projects for their excellent use of archives.

  • Randy Turner and Melissa Tait for their project City Beautiful: How Architecture Shaped Winnipeg’s DNA which explores Winnipeg’s history through its buildings.
  • Kevin Nikkel for his films Romance of the Far Fur Country and On the Trail of the Far Fur Country, a restoration of a 1920 Hudson’s Bay Company film on the fur trade and a documentary depicting the history of the original film.
  • Jody Perrun for his book The Patriotic Consensus: Unity, Morale, and the Second World War in Winnipeg, which describes Winnipeg’s Second World War history.
  • Suyoko Tsukamoto for her exhibit Brandon College and the Great War which presents the First World War stories of men and women from Brandon College
  • Will Woodward for his Education curriculum project which looked at the role of women in the First World War and Canada’s contribution to the war effort
  • Dr. Royden Loewen for his book Village Among Nations: “Canadian” Mennonites in a Transnational World, 1916–2006, which describes the emigration of Mennonites from Canada to Latin America
  • Bernard Bocquel for his book Les fidèles à Riel: 125 ans d’évolution de l’Union nationale metises Saint-Joseph du Manitoba (2012) which recounts the struggles faced by French-Canadian Métis people in the generations that followed the Riel Rebellions.
  • Rev. Dr. Athanasius D. McVay for his book God’s Martyr, History’s Witness: Blessed Nykyta Budka, the First Ukrainian Catholic Bishop of Canada, an autobiography on the Bishop.
  • Ryan McKenna for his film Controversies, based on the audiotapes of Peter Warren.
  • Kristin Tresoor for her project BMO in Winnipeg, which made use of archival research and visual materials to produce four videos and an interactive map.
  • The Aboriginal Advisory Committee for their project Preserving the History of Aboriginal Institutional Development in Winnipeg, a local collaborative project documenting the history of Aboriginal activism and the development of urban Aboriginal organizations in Winnipeg.