Constructing Tomorrow's Federalism

New Perspectives on Canadian Governance

Ian Peach (Editor), Roy Romanow (Foreword)


Governance of the federation is more complex today than ever before: perennial issues of federalism remain unresolved, conflicts continue over the legitimacy of federal spending power, and the accommodation of Quebec nationalism and Aboriginal self-government within the federation is a persistent and precarious concern. From discussions on democracy and distinctiveness to explorations of self-governance and power imbalances, Constructing Tomorrow’s Federalism tests assertions from scholars and practitioners on the legitimacy and future of the state of the federation. In this broad collection of essays, fifteen scholars and political leaders identify options for the future governance of Canada and contribute to a renewed civic discourse on what it means to govern ourselves as a liberal democracy and a multinational federation.

About the Authors

Ian Peach is the Dean of Law at University of New Brunswick.

Other contributors: Roy Romanow, Ian Peach, Robert Wardhaugh, Barry Ferguson, Rejean Pelletier, Bernard Funston , Gabrielle A. Slowey, Frances Abele, Michael Prince, Thomas O. Hueglin, Gerald Baier, Herman Bakvis, David McGrane, Benoit Pelletier